Using Octopress For Blogging

Static site generators can be very useful for sites that do not need a large CMS. The benefits are largely speed, security and relative ease once you get everything setup. The downsides are a loss of some of the dynamic connections with your content, but these are minimized by using the right tools.

Octopress is one of many static site generators. The documentation on their site is thorough and most people with a background of command line skills can get a blog setup within a couple hours.

Below are some very basic commands to serve as a reminder once you get going

  • Add a post: rake new_post[“title”]
  • Add a page: rake new_page[“page-name”] (or [“folder/folder/page.html”] for example
  • Deploy your blog:
    • rake generate
    • rake deploy
    • git add .
    • git commit -m ‘commit message’
    • git push origin source