Basic EXIM Commands For SMTP Relay

Exim is an alternative mailhandler similar to postfix – with both being replacements for sendmail.  We generally use google apps for many of our domains, but some websites require outbound mail setups.  For this we tend to use authsmtp as our smtp relay service and setup exim or postfix to accomodate this.

The instructions below provide basic exim management commands, largely useful for debugging in a relay environment:

  • Queue Management
  • exim -bp ## list messages in the queue
  • exim -q -v ## send messages in queue
  • exim -Mrm <message-id> ## Message remove from queue
  • exiqgrep -i | xargs exim -Mrm ## Remove **all** messages in the queue
  • Message Management
  • exim -Mvh <message-id> ## Message view header
  • exim -Mvb <message-id> ## Message view body
  • exim -Mvl <message_id> ## Message view message log